About the vice presidency of branches

The Vice Presidency of Branches was established by Decision No. 15/75/1435 of the Council of Higher Education at its 75th meeting, after the approval of the Late Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Late President of Higher Education Council, following Sublime Guidance No. 9574 dated 14/3/1435 AH.

University education in our Kingdom has received the attention of its wise leadership by establishing several universities in its various provinces to ensure that no governorate is without a university or college. Northern Border University’s main branch was established in Arar, with many colleges in the Province’s governorates: Rafha, Tarif, and Awaqilah.

Dr. Yousef Mohamed Al-Naseer
The vice president of branches

Vision and Mission


Achieving leadership and excellence in building qualified cadres, and serving the local community.



Strive towards outstanding academic and administrative performance to develop branches’ faculties and departments in line with modern scientific and global requirements and serve the community.


  • Evaluating the performance of the Vice Presidency's staff and follow-up on the permanent documentation of the Vice Presidency's projects.
  • Preparing long and short-term plans for scientific and administrative development and creating mechanisms for their implementation.
  • Ensuring strategic planning, scientific development, and administrative improvement at the Vice Presidency.
  • Evaluating performance of branches' staff.
  • Studying academic and technical programs and activating the Total Quality Management
  • Achieving the University's strategic plan for branches, faculties, and departments.
  • Keeping abreast of developments in the scientific and administrative aspects to achieve excellence for the University's branches' faculties and departments.
  • Ensuring that branches receive advanced services and benefits from the University.